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Tablet class printing samples

Flat - effect diagram

Universal printer, flatbed printer advantages:
1, applicable to any material, compatible with very wide range.
2, no plate making, printing, fast and low cost, can use all sorts of output software, support various file formats.
3, equipped with professional color management software, can whenever and wherever possible to change color, no need to pay the extra fees.
4, completed in one step, namely India namely takes, to meet the fast out like a finished product demand.
5, unit volume can be printed from the matching template printing, saving time and labor.
6, full color image, once completed, progressive color fully meet the photo quality results, accurate positioning, the reject rate is zero.
7, need 30 minutes only, can master, quality production, without professional skills.
8, computer operation, no personnel rely on large space, upgrade.
Universal printer, flatbed printer series products industry application
1, the packaging industry: wine (paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, packaging and printing, PVC leather packing printing, organic glass packaging and printing).
2: non-woven fabric, garment accessories, T-Shirts, buttons, leather, textile, label etc..
3, arts and crafts: clock, picture, marble painting, wedding, stone painting, textile crafts, wooden crafts, metal crafts, stone crafts, art crafts, ceramic crafts, crystal crafts, advertising Crafts organic glass crafts category of traditional folk crafts, painting classes, there are a lot of traditional folk arts and crafts.
4, the advertising industry: PVC card, organic glass box, KT board, PVC board, glass, signs, nameplate, acrylic (acrylic), PP board, PC plate, aluminum plate, the chest card, advertising can be used.
5, furniture building materials: ceramic tile, ceramic, wall tiles, waistline tile, ceiling, ceiling, the glass sliding door, the traditional doors and windows, furniture, polyester plate, pressure plate, plywood, wallpaper, screen, tea table, ashtray etc..
6, leather leather leather, shoes, handbags,: handbags, travel bags, belts, leather printing, shoe etc..
7, stationery gift: pen, notebook, surfboard, point reading machine, CD, metal business card holder (box), chest card, various materials, bookmarks, toys etc..
8, hardware and plastic: lighter (metal, nonmetal), golf, silica gel, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, sheet metal, plastic products, tissue boxes, glasses frame, instrument panel, packaging boxes, toys etc..
9, shoes: shoes, EVA slippers, roller skates, shoes materials, shoe leather printing, printing, canvas shoes, hand drawing shoes etc..
10, electronic and electrical appliances: U disk, MP3/MP4/MP5 player, PSP, game controller, computer chassis, air conditioner, washing machine, electric rice cooker, mobile phone, mobile phone sets, electronic components such as crystal.
Universal printer, flatbed printer to solve the following problems for you
(1) can be in any material printing color pattern - air except liquid. (such as metal, porcelain, wood, glass, crystal, silica gel plate, leather, cloth, stone etc.)
(2) a starting printing, no plate, without a film, low cost, both small batch products printing.
(3) in the irregular surface printing pictures - (such as mobile phone, telephone, U disk, vase, pen etc.. Product surface concave convex arc of not more than 4mm thickness in print 0-20cm.