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Tablet class printing samples

Relief mobile phone shell - effect diagram

UV printer for the industry:
Character printing: such as boutique, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gifts shop
Crystal products: scene tourist attractions or street downtown production
Proofing products: all kinds of traditional printing production model
Studio: such as digital video production
Garment industry: sample or personality pattern printing
Leather products: high-grade leather color printing
Electronic products: such as card U disk, the outer shell of the notebook computer, the appearance of the MP3/MP4 color printing
Gift packaging: personality appearance of color printing
Label production: production of various signs
Decoration industry: ceramic tile or ceiling color printing
The toy industry: Toys appearance pattern of color printing
The advantage of UV printer:
1, the UV printer using the latest LED cold light source technology, non thermal radiation.
2, light up instantly without preheating temperature, surface printing material with low deformation.
3, the power consumption is 72W-144W, the traditional mercury lamp as 3KW.
4, fast printing speed, high precision, free spray coating, not dry, instant curing, play and dry, very suitable for the industrial production.
5, LED has a long life of 25000-30000 hours.
6, a print head 8 columns of nozzle hole, double 4 color high speed printing, allows you to grasp the initiative in the fierce competition in the market, gain more business opportunities.
7, using the latest generation of Epson nozzle, dot size intelligent distribution, higher precision than the traditional printed with uv.
8, the use of high-quality servo, screw rod guide rail system.
9, adopting the water cooling (water circulation) mode, no air conditioning environment in hot summer, also can have very good effect on curing light.
10, compared with the traditional lamp UV flatbed printer, do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, safer, and more environmentally friendly.