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Apparel printing samples

T-shirt effect chart

DIY personality T-shirt printing machine in the printing industry advantages
1 printing simple, an imaging, no plate color net print, unit price from India, batch configuration template, saving time and labor.
The 2 printed image at will
3 until your own photo text, images can be printed directly on any items on the landscape, figures, flowers, birds and insects idol star, cartoon animation, corporate identity. Vivid, colorful, etc.
4 printed material omnipotent
No printed information. Metal, plastic, wood, porcelain, leather, stone, bamboo, crystal, acrylic, building materials, leather, cloth, canvas, lovers' suits... Only you can not imagine the material.
5 beautiful printed effect
The product waterproof, anti oil, sunscreen, no decolorization, do not fade, using eight color CISS ink. Resolution of 2880dpi printed vivid color, pattern clear, incomparable, cheap.
6 the printed quantity suitable for more and less
The 7 number is not limited, single or batch production can be printed items. No plate making, super low cost. Like ordinary printing machine like the simple operation, the image input computer can be printed
8 market space, beyond imagination
Buttons, lighters, keys, stationery, notebooks, CD machine, MP3 crystal badge, smart cards, business cards, certificates, plaques, cd... Printed covers personal supplies, craft gifts, office supplies, stationery, signs, home building materials, flowers, cloth and other dozens of kind of tens of thousands of items. Stone, shell, plate, bamboo craft, mobile phone.
For you to solve the following printing problems:
The 1 one from the printing, no plate, without a film, low cost, small quantities of both products printing.
2 don't pick material, any material printing, good compatibility.
3 a printing multicolor, no adjustment, perfect color transition, printing effect is amazing.
4 three-dimensional printing products, the universal printing machine can any product printing thickness of 17 cm.
5 delicate, multi-color, special-shaped products printing preferred.