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Clothing series digital printe

LOGE-A2 clothing digital printing machine

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Characteristics of deep Longjie garments digital printing machine:
1, the unique clothing digital printing machine we developed LOGE-A2 clothing digital printing machine printing textile ink professional, to ensure that on textile fabric color with high brightness.
2, perfect compatible printing unique powerful and professional clothing software -- RIP software in color and color management and other functions.
3, the optimal way for the ink, not clear.
4, the unique design of the printer to improve machine running stability and durability, clothing digital printing machine greatly limits our production to retain Epson (EPSON) inkjet printing original way, so the Long Jie clothing digital printing machine printing parameters (such as printing precision, resolution and color printing ink jet control mode) and Epson the same type of machine parameters consistent.
5, open the maintenance design of garment digital printing machine maintenance and repair Epson prototype circuit part number is the same, including the original: the printing spray head, motherboard, power panel, retain the original Epson standardized design, can let the user better maintenance, because the main fault is out of print machine clothing digital printing, is consistent with the Epson jet the common printer.
6, the standard operation of a printer interface is very friendly to the user interface, easy to master. If the user used inkjet printer, then in the use of garment digital printing machine, easy to use; even had never been exposed to any form of printer, also can understand in a few minutes and master the basic use of.
The best material and process quality to create first-class LOGE-A2 digital printing machine using 7 clothing, modular and first-class manufacturing technology, the use of modular design, has the industry's most useful body (turning machine cover can see love covered host), with A2 format also have super high (print print space reaching a height of 17CM). Super strength of the frame design of science, let machines have capacity overload force, which can deal with the ultra long distance transport and reaching the customer security.
8, at the same time, the LOGE-A2 of garment digital printing machine every time it can print 1-2 T-shirt, which undoubtedly increases the efficiency of mass production.
Shenzhen Long Jie clothing digital printing machine to introduce the international first-class brand Epson printer core technology, the maximum combined with excellent professional knowledge be concise and practical and durable good machine maintenance, clothing digital printing machine Long Jie technology independent research and development, with the most specialized textile ink, software, high price of the supply of the domestic market!
Print size super A2+ format 420mm*850mm
The print head micro piezoelectric type nozzle 1440
Print color 9 Color: PK, MK, LK, LLK, C, LC, M, LM, Y
Or C, M, Y, K, W, W, W, W
Printing technology of intelligent bidirectional printing automatic nozzle detection technology, automatic nozzle cleaning technology
The printing speed of A4 (1440dpi) /3 minutes
Planar printing objects with maximum thickness of 150mm
The highest resolution 2880DPI*1440DPI
Ink system 150ml*9
Memory 64M
Power requirements of 10-240V or 220V-240V 50-60HZ 100W
Interface USB2.0 (operating system support, need to be downward compatible with the 1.1 standard)
10/100MB Ethernet interface
The operation platform of Macintosh OSX (10.2.8 or higher),
The working environment of 10~35 degrees C, 20-80RH
The size of the equipment of 130cm x84cm x63cm