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UV flat-panel printers series

LOGE-6100 UV printer

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Product features:

1 print mode, fast, slow, self adjustment;

2, double nozzle print ink, white ink synchronous printing, to meet the different background material printing, faster, and suitable for industrialized production;

3, the latest technology, the use of automatic control system with touch screen;

4, special UV ink and professional software with can be insured foreign minister time clear and bright colors;

5, through the improvement to the traditional cleaning unit, plug phenomenon is almost zero;

6, the smart nozzle detecting technology: automatic detection, automatic cleaning, perfect effect, time show;

7, 1000ML large capacity ink supply system, not clear, improve efficiency;

8, ultra quiet work, the machine running without jitter, to ensure that the printing precision;

9, USB2.0 high speed 10/100MB interface and Ethernet interface: data transfer is faster, more stable.

Product advantage:

UV ink: the use of imported UV ink, namely the spray dry, printing fastness, ethanol tolerance. Long Jie is one of the earliest development platform inkjet printing products business, in the nozzle control, weak solvent ink printing color control, curing strength and medium transmission accuracy and other technical difficulties, are obtained to guarantee the reliable technology. In order to make the Chinese users have the opportunity and foreign users, bring the product color printer technology progress, UV reduce the investment threshold, so that you easily get "high quality, affordable, can buy" low investment high Xingjiebi products UV printer.

UV printer using the latest LED cold light source technology, non thermal radiation.

Momentary need not preheating instantly reach 100% power UV output. The surface temperature of printing material with low deformation.

The power consumption is 72W-144W, the traditional mercury lamp as 3KW.

LED has a long life: life is more than 10 times the traditional lamp type curing machine, about 25000~30000 hours. Using the latest generation of Epson nozzle, dot size intelligent distribution, higher precision than the traditional printed with uv.

A print head 8 columns of the spray hole, double four-color printing at high speed, allowing you to grasp the initiative in the fierce competition in the market, gain more business opportunities.

Using high quality servo, import guide rail system.

Compared with the traditional lamp UV flatbed printer, do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Adopting the water cooling (water circulation), no air conditioning environment in hot summer, also can have very good effect on curing light.

Technical parameters:

Print size super A1 format 610mm * 1000mm

The print head micro piezoelectric type nozzle 2880

Print color 8 color: W, W, W, W, C, M, Y, K

The number of nozzles 2

Printing technology of intelligent bidirectional printing automatic nozzle detection technology, automatic nozzle cleaning technology

The printing speed of A1 (1440dpi) /4.5 minutes

Print the object of maximum thickness of 170mm

The highest resolution 2880DPI*2880DPI

Ink system 850ml*8

The host / network memory 256MB/64MB

Power requirements of 110-240V or 220V-240V 50-60HZ 100W

Interface USB2.0 (operating system support, need to be downward compatible with the 1.1 standard) 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface

The operation platform of Macintosh OSX (10.2.8 or higher), Mircrosoft Windows2000/XP

The working environment of 5~35 degrees C, 20-80RH

Weight of equipment 220KG

The equipment size is 147cm * 140cm * 80cm