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UV flat-panel printers series

LOGE-6013UV flatbed printer

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The characteristics of LOGE-UV6013 plate printer:

1, using the double nozzle, ink and color and white ink can be synchronized to print, you can also double color printing, double the speed

2, using the LED UV lamp, fully cured, that is sprayed or dry, save energy, prolong life

3, the UV lamp cooling using water cycle cooling, the temperature and the faster the decline rate

4, automatic lifting platform, convenient and quick operation, to reduce the alignment error

5, jet printing method optional fog or line spray, spray mist spraying line speed, delicate realism and stop drawing bar

6, a peristaltic pump device, the ink bottle with white ink mixing system, effective to prevent nozzle clogging, prolong the service life of the nozzle

7, automatic cleaning and spray moisturizing device, ensure the smooth ink, to prevent nozzle clogging

8, can print the origin set any position, easy and simple operation

Mute 9, linear guide rail, stable performance and high precision, through the EU CE certification, quality is much more secure

10, printing process high precision, accurate positioning, intelligent optimization and upgrading program

Technical parameters
Print size 600mmx1300mm
Sprinkler configuration Japan's latest EPSON fifth generation of 180 x 8 columns / nozzle hole nozzle, ink droplets of ink droplets of variable technology, maximum 12pl, minimum is 3.5pl
The number of nozzles 2 nozzles
Color printing with high precision and intelligence to print 4 color ink, white ink 4W+CMYK (double nozzles UV ink)
Print height 70mm
The function of lifting intelligent ink vehicle lift
Print weight lossless precision weight 100KG
2/4/6/8/12 printing precision (pass)
Ink system of 1L * 8 color, uninterrupted intelligent cycle CISS, with white ink mixing system
Print speed CMYK+W (1 nozzle print 4 color +1 nozzle print white ink) 2 * CMYK (double four-color) (2 and 4 nozzle print color)
4pass 12 Party / h standard 6pass output up to 6 m3 / HR
To receive the file TIFF (also supports RGB&CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG etc.
Power requirements of 110-240V or 220V-240V 50-60HZ 100W
Interface of high speed USB transmission interface
The operation platform of WindowsXP, 2003, win7
The software output InstallShiedl Wizard special output control center (Windows7 32, Windows XP Pro SP2) PP software
The best working environment temperature: 15 C -35 C, relative humidity 20%-80%
Weight of equipment 220KG
The size of the equipment of 1.67m x1.56m x0.9m (length x width x height)