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Universal printer series

SLJET-A3 Eco Solvent Printer

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Product features:

1, super A3+ format printing, optimization of 5760dpi high precision printing

2, the world's most subtle 1.5 picolitre droplets of ink

3, the low cost of 6 color independent split ink

* suitable for printing material

Plastic (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC etc.), acrylic, metal, wood products, leather, textile fabrics, crystal, glass, coated paper, porcelain tile /......

* suitable for printing products

U disk, mobile hard disk, MP3/MP4, mobile phone, notebook computer shell, optical disc, gifts, toys, stationery, furniture, porcelain, crystal crafts, glass printing, metal business card box, PVC key chain, acrylic board, ABS plastic materials, leather products, bamboo craft......

* application industry

The following character printing: such as boutiques, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gifts shop

The following crystal products: scene tourist attractions or street downtown production

The following products: a variety of traditional printing proofing production model

The following photo studio: such as digital video production

Following the apparel industry: sample or personality pattern printing

The following leather products: high-grade leather color printing

The following electronic products: such as card U disk, the outer shell of the notebook computer, the appearance of the MP3/MP4 color printing

The following gift packaging: personality appearance of color printing

The following sign production: production of various signs

Following the decoration industry: ceramic tile or ceiling color printing

The following toy industry: Toys appearance pattern of color printing

Compared with the traditional printing, "Long Jie" product advantage:

1, one from India, you no longer have to fear, plate making, color and complex sun board procedures by the consumption of cost and time;

2, disposable print multicolor, arbitrary complex variegated and transition color, color image, a complete;

3, the printing surface concave convex inequality irregular surface, the traditional printing be at a loss what to do -- or by the LOGE Long Jie flat printer to fix it for you!

4, the product is too thick, how do I print, let a person headache! Starting from today, rest assured, any item within 20 cm, although come!

5, screen printing a single color, leather printing machine is expensive, heat transfer and destructive -- try Long Jie flatbed printer.

6, alignment and let the traditional printing defect rate remains high, no way? Or look at the series of universal printer.

6, don't pick material, any material printing, good compatibility.

7, professional color management software, can whenever and wherever possible to change color, no need to pay the extra fees.

8, can use all sorts of output software, support various file formats. 9, computer operation, need 30 minutes only, can master, finger click, Jiangshan in front!

10, don't forget, Long Jie series flat-panel printer low operating costs, help you to greatly improve the competitiveness.

Print size super A3 format 329mm*480mm

The print head micro piezoelectric type nozzle 1440

Print color 6 color: C LC M LM Y K

Print direction of intelligent bidirectional printing

The printing speed of A3+ (2880dpi) /6 minutes

Planar printing objects with maximum thickness of 170mm

Print weight weight precision 10KG lossless, lossy precision 5% 11-25KG

5760DPI*1440DPI printing precision

Ink system 150ml*6

Special ink green waterproof anti ultraviolet material / dye ink

Adjust the height of the electronic automatic / manual intelligent control

Print the object height detection intelligent induction type / smart touch / dual detection system

Sprinkler protection mode of the intelligent touch detection automatic protection system

Power requirements 110-220V 50-60HZ 75W

Interface USB2.0 (high speed)

The operation platform of Windows95,98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 MAC Linus | |

The 10-35C working environment, 20-80RH

Net weight / gross 70KG/75KG

The size of the equipment 90cm*75cm*56cm