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Universal printer ink cartridges use, maintenance and principle

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As a part of universal printer consumables, ink cartridge is used correctly, can effectively reduce the universal printer in use in the process of cost.... here we introduce some knowledge of ink cartridge

(a), ink cartridges
1 cartridges storing
1) the ink cartridge can be placed in room temperature, avoid the sun, kept strong light and heat source.
2) in the machine before use cartridges are not installed, do not tear apart the outer packing of ink box and stomatic stripsealing.
3) in the cartridge after opening, it should be installed on the printer as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause ink cartridge ink leakage and no spraying color.
4) in order to achieve the best printing effect, please use the best finish in six months after the installation of the ink cartridge.
2 replace the print cartridge
Ink light, said ink has been exhausted, at this point need to replace the cartridge. Ink cartridge into the printer, in uncertain before replacement, do not remove it and reload, otherwise they will be air into the jet nozzle and the influence of the printing effect. The amount of ink and computer display also generates error. Ink jet printer in general a week internal boot print, or stay at the mouth of the ink jet will produce solidification phenomenon and paper and dust in the air. Should pay attention to so the use of ink jet printer in print, long time no circumstances, shall be cleaned to normal can start printing nozzle detection.
(two) the basic principle, cartridge cartridge models although many, shapes, but the basic principle is the same, is through some way to give a certain energy drops of ink, so that its injection to the paper by a predetermined position. The device provides the energy we call energy generator, it is installed in the ink cartridge.
The cartridge has a difference split and Siamese style, but when the split ink chamber and nozzle together time, part of them are basically the same: General ink chamber, the hydraulic balancer, energy generator, the ink drop channel (nozzle) in four parts.
The ink chamber is used to store the ink.
The hydraulic balancer function is to make the ink bin ink to produce certain negative pressure, so that the ink can be dipped in ink drops the channel outlet, but should not automatically flow out. General ink bin is also being designed into the hydraulic balancer. If the ink chamber hp45# cartridge is a tension gas Nang, with balanced ink pressure. Some cartridge is a sponge to achieve the same purpose.
Energy generator, it is divided into the hot jet and piezoelectric type two kinds, thermal spray type is the ink will be heated to boiling, then the bubble breakup to produce jet velocity. Piezoelectric type by potential difference to move the tiny drops of ink jet to the paper. Such as the Epson series printer.
The ink drop pipe (nozzle), ink jet depends on certain pipeline to guide to arrive at a preset position, this is the role of ink drop pipe. It's another role is to control the droplet size. If you want to say the most valuable part in the cartridge, the highest scientific and technological content that is the ink drop pipe. Because the aperture of ink droplets piping requirements smaller is better, the smaller aperture, ink particles ejected more fine print, picture clarity is higher. Usually only a fraction of the aperture of the hair, and now the printer can be ejected from the 2ppl ink droplets, has exceeded the limit of human eye resolution.
(three) the use of ink cartridges, matters needing attention
1) cartridge in the machine before use not long time inversion and avoid glare or high temperature environment
2) cartridge opened immediately after application (to prevent the air into the jet port)
3) to clean the print head 2-3 new ink feeding machine, until the self check design to meet the requirements so far
4) many factors affect the print quality of ink cartridge, in addition to quality and medium of choice, the original picture clarity, print output resolution, in order to make the correct judgment on the decline in user printer quality
5) printers should be often used, even if not printing, but also to ensure that at least start once a week
6) not in print work will hand into the printer or touch the cartridge