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The utility and development principle of Long Jie universal printer

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Universal printer reason is initially by South Korea in 2002 a group of college students independent research and development of modified Epson machine, due to technical stability has not been recognized market, in the recent two years technical innovation constantly slowly open the market, become more and more industry recognition. Slowly, the industry is developing quickly, many people see interests have entered this industry, began to refit flatbed printer, feel that this technology is simple, their immature technology, the ultimate victims are the consumers, the damage is this industry, that some people are hateful, so consumers in the purchase of universal printer time must be careful!!! Be sure to pay attention to various aspects, so as to avoid unnecessary losses! The following talk about the principle of universal printer:

1, the principle of the retrofit
The paper rubbing motor driving signal extraction, and then add a power amplifier, drive greater stepper motor. Then the motor position to do a platform, through a screw rod, a synchronous belt, steel wire to mobile work platform or a printer body, in fact, is the paper rubbing motor is converted into the Y axis motor (control machine, ink vehicle before and after e mobile).
The paper rubbing mechanism modified machine itself is basically useless, without affecting the printer structure strength, can be removed or cut off the shaft stick, to accommodate a lower space to the working platform.
Because when printers began to work, through a photoelectric sensor to check there is no paper, when simple modification of flat-panel printers, need to get the sensor moves to the end of work platform, used to detect platform is not close to the printer, the printer has detected a similar paper can print state, this time, the printer will work. This sensor can be used to replace the installation position of the proximity switch, so you can more easily deal with sensor.
More complicated refit a bit is to deal with some things, such as through the microcontroller, sensor signal can be sent to the printer virtual paper, directly print cheat the printer, printer and a host computer control is "offline" or "online" (panel similar mode of operation EPSON LQ1600K the old printer), you can also control Y axis motor independent, separate mobile platform or printer, so need to use this function in some debug state.
2, modified precision
On the way modified existing and modified conditions, we can talk about the accuracy is limited to the nozzle static lattice accuracy, the refitted machine can guarantee the accuracy of the only of the original machine ink vehicle dragging part, we can regard it as the X axis part (control machine, ink vehicle moving around), usually because the printer with plastic grating with position feedback, the precision is very high, but also some of the old machine is open-loop stepper motor to drive the ink vehicle, can only rely on the accuracy of the stepper motor itself to guarantee, but because the stepper motor step angle accuracy is relatively high, and the error does not accumulate, such drive although more than feedback accuracy almost, but is also quite good.
The Y axis part of the horizontal moving precision can be guaranteed, because also use stepper motor.
Most can not guarantee is the platform of the upper and lower positions of precision, we can use this position as the Z axis (relative to the machine, the ink vehicle is moving up and down), generally speaking, everyone is to manually adjust the platform from the location of the printer, and basically is visual, the error is very large.
So, we modified plate printer, cannot be precision of the digital puzzle. Can guarantee is the printer itself you no X axis ink vehicle dragging part of moving, and the level of Y axis moving part, the Z axis is not brought about accuracy. The accuracy of the concept but also from many aspects, if the Y axis after modification is very long, so the accuracy will be relatively low, a friend said to ensure accuracy in 0.02mm, then the error is + 0.01mm, the precision is very high, which is of high precision industrial machine can achieve high shelf is machine frame rigid, and by aging treatment, and through the debugging high level, installed in the constant temperature and humidity room may be done. However, as we now in the modified method, the number is empty high, is not practical, commercial speculation suspects, such that we can only tell the accuracy of knowledge of mechanical hand is not very understanding. Of course, this does not affect everyone on the printer modification.
3, conversion
We now have fixed work platform modified printer, printer, mobile and mobile work table fixed in two ways, we compare characteristics of these two ways now.
Using the first approach, the printer is fixed, mobile in the Y axis direction before and after, in order to ensure that the platform can print length, platform than second ways to use the platform to grow a lot of, specific grow much, want to see between the two guide rail slider fixed platform for distance, generally speaking, the president of a half length, if the guide rail and the platform rigid enough, this size can be reduced appropriately. So, the first way to refit of the machines, covers an area of greater than second ways, is mainly embodied in the Y axis platform expansion space. This mode of motion platform mobile application with many in industrial machines, the main reason is that this way can guarantee the body strength and high precision, and the printer to move in this way the accuracy is not high, the occupied space is a common civil product requirements apply more