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Long Jie 13 anniversary purchase A2UV flat-panel...

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A: the activities of manufacturers:
A review of the new and old customers: where in Shenzhen Long Jie Technology Co., Ltd. to buy LOGE-A2 UV flatbed printer and ink are to enjoy the following preferential:
Two: the preferential benefit activity rule:
1: buy Long Jie LOGE-A2UV flatbed printer, original price 55000 yuan, price: 48000 yuan, another gift to a value of 3000 yuan of UV ink;
2: buy UV ink, solvent ink drowning, who can give a one-time purchase of 2 sets of 1 sets
The other: where to buy the deep dragon above Jie A2+ format all the models free installation, commissioning, on-site training.
The number of preferential discount, buy more, more, details can be consulting Long Jie technology,
Welcome to inquire: 0755-84276687 84276534 contact: Manager Zhang
Shenzhen Long Jie Technology Company Address: Buji street of Shenzhen city Longgang District Jihua Road No. 351 Tongyi Industrial Park building B.
The activity time is 2014 December 25 to February 30, 2015, the company reserves the right of explanation