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enterprise advantage

Long Jie technology is a professional engaged in digital color printing technology and product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises,
The development of the principle of the company adhering to the "one step ahead",
Here, you can always see the technology and products out of the ordinary, the leading market.
In 2003, after 5 years, developed the first digital color printing / flat printer at home
In 2004 developed the first domestic flat-panel printer special weak solvent ink
In 2005 developed the first domestic A3+ format digital printing / flat printer
In order to solve the problem of dark color printing in the 2008 article, launched a weak solvent ink white white ink and textile,
The launch of self developed RIP special software;
In 2009 developed the industry's first 9 flatbed printer, a new generation of nozzle with automatic detection and automatic cleaning function,
Based on the new technology for customers to reduce production costs and provide powerful support
In 2010 developed the industry's first 11 flatbed printer, printing speed has a 2 times increase than 8 color machine
In 2012 developed the first 4910 textile printing machine, the first A2 UV flatbed printer
In 2013 developed the first dual head A1UV flatbed printer LOGE-1625 UV flatbed printer
In 2014 developed the first Taichung small double nozzle 6013 UV flatbed printer
In 2015 the company will launch a series of new products faster, more wide format