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product superiority

various investment experience in different industries:
Long Jie universal printer at home and abroad since listing in 2003 sold more than 20000 sets of equipment, the craft gift, metal plastic, electronic peripheral products, advertising industry, mobile phone shell industry, packaging industry, clothing accessories (T-shirt printing), microcrystalline stone, furniture, electric appliance panel, screen printing, decoration, advertising production, and other fields has accumulated rich printing technology and investment experience, provide consultative solutions for customers.
five different functional ink optional:
Ink is the printer will use consumables, we 5 ink can meet different investment products, to meet different customer needs.
Imported high-quality supplies, can provide digital printing solutions for you to complete, a variety of high-quality supplies let you more save worry, more efficient.
Using imported raw materials, ink supply good fluency; not plug, through the SGS international environmental producer; printing colorful, vivid effect, good color expressive force.
the indicators in the high-end equipment to meet the needs of different customers:
Long Jie Technology garment printing machine, UV flatbed printer selected for India software color management;
The optional Y control scheme makes the screw axis stepper accuracy of 0.03mm;
Selection of high positioning accuracy Epson original grating can realize 2880DPI print accuracy.
human safety protection design:
The integrated structure, the machine more stable, can be infinitely repeated printing, complete coincidence not shift, print more accurate,
The belt transmission, maintain the high accuracy, the best effect of high clarity.
UV flatbed printer various curing mode adjustable:
A variety of curing form single lamp, double lamp, etc. to achieve sub light, high light with different curing effect;
The 3-4 level of energy regulation of curing control boxes to realize low calorie, high adhesion of different curing demand.
UV flatbed printer 10 print process optional:
2 kinds of relief printing process: "color + white + color", "white + white + color";
The 4 white printing process: "Pu white bottom, spot color white, filled with white, white";
4 print mode: double the amount of ink in the optional light, high drop and different surface, no smooth stripes, eclosion large amount of ink.